Financial Accounting & Reporting

With the move to International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) for many of the world's public companies and the far-reaching mandates of Sarbanes-Oxley, financial accounting has become a lot more complicated. And if the past few years are any guide, the future holds more regulations, new requirements, and an increasing compliance burden. As business becomes more global, with new markets opening up seemingly every day, a company’s financial accounting must meet global standards.
If this is your situation : 
• You want to keep up-to-date on developments in domestic and international financial reporting.
• You made an acquisition and need to harmonise your accounting policies.
• The conversion to IFRS has raised the issue of staff training and the need for reliable and comprehensive accounting guidance and training.
• You are already familiar with your national GAAP, but need to understand how IFRS compares.
• You have a small finance function and would appreciate support from financial reporting specialists.
• You have a difficult technical accounting issue that you cannot solve in-house.

How AL KAMEL ASSCIATES can provide value added benefits?Accounting & Back-Office Support and Supervision Services??? 
Having realised that the owner/managers of small and medium-sized family owned and managed organisations do not find it viable to employ a full-time accountant nor do they afford to spend time to look after their accounting function.

 AL KAMEL ASSCIATES  provides specialised services in such cases by filling the vacuum of a qualified accountant to make the owners and management free to concentrate on business. Our Back-Office Support division offers full-range of our services, comprising the following:

• Installation of accounting software
• Training to the data entry clerks/accountants
• Monthly accounting, documentation
• Preparation of reconciliation statements
• Job costing
• Closure of accounts on monthly/quarterly basis
• Formatting management reports tailored to client needs
• Preparation of monthly management reports

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