Business Valuations and Due Diligence

When a company is involved in a merger, business start-up, acquisition or liquidation, it is important that it gets expert advice in properly structuring the transition. We act as independent consultants, offering you objective assistance to establish methods of business valuation and to perform due diligence.

We have significantly re-engineered traditional valuation processes to achieve an unbeatable combination of accuracy, consistent high quality, transparency, speed, and cost-effectiveness for our business valuation services.

We have leveraged technology, expert systems, adept data mining techniques, Financial Modeling, and the latest financial research to become the leaders in business valuation. We meet almost every valuation need with our standard services. We are also equipped to provide customised services for more complex situations.

Our valuation technique utilises established valuation models (reports generally incorporate a number of different methodologies as an added check on the result) including analysis of both past and projected figures. Valuations also include a background of the company, future prospects and risk management profiles.

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